5 Frequently Asked Questions About Radar Speed Signs

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Radar Speed Signs

Many people ask questions about the Radar speed signs and how they promote safety and calm traffic. Some ask about the required size of the speed sign, the different types that are available, and where to place the speed signs. These are some of the questions answered here:

#1: What is the principle behind using radar speed light to promote safety and calm traffic?

The Radar speed light work by sign shifting, helping drivers to become aware of their speed. Usually, the brain is shifted from the alpha state which is responsible for awareness and it moves to the beta state where alertness and focus are sensitized. This makes the driver respond to the flashing speed alert thereby reducing his speed. This principle has been confirmed in drivers who use the radar speed signs. They tend to reduce their speed over 80% of the time when they get an alert by a radar sign. The sign usually implies a 10-20% speed reduction and the overall compliance increase the speed limit by 30-60%.

#2: What are the available types of radar speed signs?

There are different models of the radar speed signs including the battery, solar power and AC models with 11”, 13” and 17” display sizes. You can visit some stores like Traffic Logix for all the different speed signs available on the market.

#3: What is the working time limit of the radar speed signs?

The beauty about the radar speed signs is their flexibility in usage. You can actually set it to work at intervals throughout the day or you leave it to operate 24/7. However, the sign usually adjusts to different school zone limits because it comes with a standard timer for different times of the day or week. The data of moving vehicles can still be collected in cases where the sign display goes off. In some Neighborhoods, they have their signs on from 5am and it goes off after 10 or 11pm.

#4: What is the recommended size of radar speed light for me?

One thing to consider is the expected speed of the traffic on the roadway. This will largely guide the size of digital display you opt for. A speed of 45mph at a distance of 500 feet from the radar sign will require a LED display for effective viewing of a sign.

#5: Can I use a solar powered radar speed sign for my location?

As long as you live in the United States, solar powered radar speed sign is a good option for you.

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