Analyzing the Top Church Management Software of 2018

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Analyzing the Top Church Management Software of 2018

The 21st century has provided businesses with so much technology that it has completely altered the way in which the world works. All industries, from your local coffee shop to the federal government, utilize advanced technologies on a daily basis in order to provide the best products and services possible. The world has certainly changed a lot in the past two decades and will only continue to do so as the future progresses. One of the major advances of the 21st century that has truly augmented the majority of businesses is management software. Management software is a technology that is utilized by nearly all companies. It is designed to simplify as well as automate management processes that aid in streamlining and enhancing tasks that the company needs to complete. Management software can also be used to facilitate team cooperation in order to make businesses run more smoothly. While there is numerous management software that exist, ranging from financial management to network management, one often-overlooked management software is for churches. This various software gives the ability for church leaders to accomplish tasks and make things run easier within the church. It can be utilized to delegate responsibilities amongst staff, manage finances, and many other processes as well. Knowing which church management software is the best is imperative in order to make the top decisions for your church.


Pushpay is one of the top church management software of 2018. This software is a mobile engagement platform that allows people to donate and get involved in the causes that matter to them. It is simple to navigate and it utilized by over 7000 organizations throughout the world. Whether a parishioner wants to donate to their church so it can fix a broken staircase or to pay for new church chairs, Pushpay is a top church management software that all churches should try.

Fellowship One

Fellowship One is another incredible church management software that is increasing in popularity. This software provides users with three options – church management, church accounting, as well as an online donation platform. The software contains a myriad of helpful tools, from the ability to cover memberships as well as planning and managing finances.


Churchteams is another great church management software that has really grown in 2018. Churchteams is a church management software that manages numerous essential processes including managing membership, donations and church attendance. This software also allows users to access both from a computer and from a mobile device.

Final Thoughts

As the 21st century continues to progress, we will only see technology continue to grow and affect our society for the better. While there are millions of new technologies being improved on and created on the daily, one of the most important is church management technologies. These will make life for religious leaders and staff better and will continue to do so in the future. Pushpay, Fellowship One, and Churchteams are just three of the top church management software of 2018, and as the century continues, we will see more and more excellent technologies be produced!

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