Chemistry is an interesting subject to learn

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Chemistry is an interesting subject to learn

In the elective, a student will select the chemistry subject, because he has seen the school lab and with color liquids. He would think he could spend more time in the lab and learn the subject. At the same time, once the schools starts, the student will be dejected, because there will be more equations to keep in the mind. This will make the student to get the boringness. This can be removed from the mind of the student; if he avails chemistry help the reason is the teachers in this subject is very clever in teaching. They understand all type of students, slow learners and fast learners. The slow learners would be separated and the fast learners would be separated. The class will be interesting for all the students, the teachers will also provide many expels for one particular doubt, at the same time in the classroom, class teacher will not provide many examples.

The reason is the class teacher should have to complete the subject faster according to the syllabus if the class teacher is not completing all the subjects according to the syllabus the class teacher will receive punishment from the management. At the same time, the class teacher will provide more attention for the weak students but still this is not enough for all the students. The reason is in little time; all the students cannot be covered by the class teacher. In case the sulfur is the subject, the class teacher only show the sulfur at the same time the tuition teacher will burn the sulfur and show the reaction to all the students.  Even making new experiments will be very easy in the tuition, at the same time; everything cannot be explained in the classroom. Teacher can only guide the students in the classroom, at the same time; tuition teacher can take the students as chemist.


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