Deciding the best laptop for your need

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Deciding the best laptop for your need

On an average, we spend around 10-12 hours of our waking time in front of screens – from laptops to PCs to mobile phones. Our dependence on these devices has increased so much that before we keep one device aside, we are ready to pick the other one. We can’t afford to lose a device for it has all our data, files, pictures and documents. When we foresee that our device is damaged or running slower, we are ready to replace it as well. Picking out such a device becomes a task with the wide variety available in the market.

Know the specifications

Depending on the laptop you have been using or wish to use, decide what specifications you want in the new one. How much are you willing to upgrade in terms of the specs is the primary factor in deciding the new laptop. One needs to be clear on the requirement – are you a heavy MS Office user or are you a gamer? Only when you identify this, you can start the filtering process. You also need to check on the external specs like screen size, battery life, picture quality. Broadly, you might even be able to customize a lot of the specifications.

Deciding the budget

Budget plays an important role in the purchase decision for a laptop. You can get refurbished laptops for as low as $300 whereas high-end gaming laptops may cost you upwards of $2000. The budget again needs to be decided basis the requirement. If you have a specific requirement, then there may be little room for movement in the budget as customized laptops may cost higher. Things like additional battery life, better sound quality, monitor touch screen will add to the cost. Keeping a slight buffer in the budget is always preferred so that you can get what you like and what will be useful to you in the long run.

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