How to Identify the Best UK VPS Hosting Services in 2019?

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How to Identify the Best UK VPS Hosting Services in 2019?

The fantastic future that AI promises is no good if you are unable to choose the best UK VPS services. In 2019, the speeds of Virtual Private Servers have increased markedly, so much so that many organisations, especially those which lack a dedicated technical team, have a tough time selecting the right service provider.

The task is made additionally daunting given that the market has 3-4 major players: Amazon Web Services or AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, and Google Cloud hold the lion’s share of all VPS services. Of these, AWS is surely the biggest player. However, as no services are, Amazon’s services are also not foolproof. There have been several notable instances of data breaches in the last few years. Dropping speeds are also causes for concern.

Thus, large and small organisations looking for UK cloud servers have to be careful of which service they eventually choose. There are several criteria which need to be kept in mind. Of these, the most essential ones are the level of security offered, speeds of access and storage capabilities.

Are you looking for ideal UK server hosting services which offer reliable support, but are not sure how to choose the best-suited one? Worry no further; here’s a list of guidelines which will let you choose better.

Selecting the best cloud hosting services

Identifying cloud hosting services can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. That is why you must ensure that the next time you try out the latest UK VPS services, they meet all of the below-mentioned criteria.

  • The service should have 24×7 customer support system

Customer support, both over the phone and online, is a must-have, 7 days of the week and 24 hours a day. Online support may involve chat-based and voice-based support. Of these 2 common options, chat-based support is most popular. Customer services are a two-edged weapon: on the one hand, they can bring in more clients if the support is really good. On another, it can drive away traffic if it is of poor quality.

It is best to pick those UK cloud servers which offer real-time customer support. The said VPS service provider must have a composite customer support team; meaning that they should be able to support you on the business side of things (like invoicing, etc.) and also the technical front (like security features and firewalls).

All the 3 major players in this domain have fantastic and robust customer care services, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

  • Target response time should be less than an hour

Target response time refers to how much time it takes for UK cloud services to come up with solutions for ‘tickets’, or receipts of complaints. Usually, such tickets are submitted only when ordinary customer care support cannot solve existing issues.

It is recommended to look for a service which can deliver lower target response time. Some organisations promise a low response time of around 30 minutes. Try to optimise research to find which service provider is better on this front.

  • Dual SAN fabrics with live data replication

Dual SAN fabrics promise better live data replication speeds than a single SAN does. It holds greater promise even in a large-SAN environment running several OS. If the primary SAN goes down for any reason, the secondary failsafe SAN will replicate that data in real time. Cluster SANs are not a viable approach when it comes to UK VPS services.

It is highly recommended to look for VPS hosting services which allow data replication even over 10Gbit SFP+. That means that there is no trouble in speeds of data replication. Ideally, data replication should be offered as a part of the bundle package which VPS services offer.

  • Server hardware of the highest quality

The perfect VPS services have high-grade server hardware. Since VPS hosting is an essential ancillary of cloud hosting services, the hardware should be able to handle the enormous loads that everyday operations bring with them.

Many successful UK VPS service providers have server hardware from manufacturers like Dell. While there are several other famous manufacturers, Dell is still chosen over most brands. Try to appoint a cloud hosting service in the UK which promises superior server hardware.

  • Superior firewall protection system:

Firewalls are necessary in this era of data breaches and several types of malware. Of late, multiple ransomware attacks like WannaCry have forced shutdowns of several services in the Western Hemisphere. Your chosen VPS service provider should ensure data safety and protection with multiple layers of firewalls.

These firewalls should be compatible with several different Operating Systems (OS) since all UK VPS servers run their own OS on-board. Firewalls must also have multiple redundancies. Lastly, these firewalls should be of the latest varieties because the threats grow and mutate regularly, leaving earlier models open to exploitation.

  • Easy-to-access Cloud VPS Control Panel

UK cloud services have a remotely located Control Panel which covers almost all its aspects. It should be easy to access in cases of emergency. The Control Panel determines who the ‘superusers’ are and how security credentials are managed. These are key issues and need technical expertise. The Control Panel must run on an established OS too.

The panel must have a built-in GUI.

  • Redundant hardware and infrastructure

Hardware and infrastructure should be redundant in real-time with data mirroring. Data mirroring should also ideally be real-time. Mirroring should happen on all servers present in an ecosystem. Your chosen UK VPS services must provide real-time mirroring services.

  • Automated daily backups

Daily backups of all data stored are mandatory. It is best to automate the process entirely and remove all human interventions. Bare-metal restoration, where no pre-installed OS or software is necessary, can act as a backup facility. Such restoration services, when offered, should be priced at a bare minimum. In the event of data breach or damage, bare-metal restoration becomes necessary.

  • Storage capabilities

All Cloud VM services must have a minimum of 4GB RAM and 2 CPU cores. The available storage facility should always be SSD-based, as Solid State Drives (SSDs) are faster than standard HDDs. Storage capabilities may also depend on where the data centres are located. Pick a service which offers data hosting services in countries with no economic or political sanctions against it.

  • Dynamic pricing services

Not all organisations need UK VPS hosting services for an entire year. In fact, many smaller organisations may require hosting services for only a few hours a day at times. Pricing packages need to be determined accordingly. Prices also depend on whether you are opting for a limited or unlimited plan. Basic research should be able to tell you which data hosting services offer the best prices as applicable to your company.

Most UK cloud services offer the same set of advantages. Again, research will stand you in good stead here. Remember to go through the fine print when choosing your preferred Cloud hosting service provider. For example, the term ‘unlimited storage space’ may turn out to be a misnomer at times.

Overall, 2 factors may end up tipping your hand when it comes to UK server hosting: security and price. If your service provider is capable of meeting your demands even with a slightly elevated price, go for it. You will stand to benefit in the long run.

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