How to Recover Deleted Data from a Smartphone or a Memory Card (Instructions)

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How to Recover Deleted Data from a Smartphone or a Memory Card (Instructions)

Thanks to the massive storage of today’s devices, mobile phones are often used to transmit huge amounts of data. This, of course, means that we can delete some file by mistake from time to time. Android has nothing like Trash in Windows, and so data is irretrievably gone. Or are they not? Today, we’ll look at how to recover deleted data from your device. Sometimes, you may also need to hire Android data recovery services if your data is very much precious.

Introduction – I deleted important data, what now?

It can happen. Man is making order, copying, moving, and erasing on his phone. And he deletes a lot. Especially if lots of files are doomed for deletion, they may mistakenly incorporate a file we do not want to come to. The file is gone, what now?

If a file is deleted by a user, the data on the disk will not be physically deleted, but will only be labeled as free space and will still remain in memory until they are overwritten. So, if you realize that you have deleted a useful file and need it back, you must prevent the file from being overwritten.

For data on the memory card, it is best to remove it from the device immediately. If data on internal memory, try to use the phone at a minimum – especially nothing to install, not move and do not work with the data at all. You may also turn it off and not use it until you know what to do next.

If you own a device that has a memory card, and the lost file was placed on it, you have a fairly good chance of recovering data. However, we must point out that the chance of restoring is not 100%, and we have to reckon that sometimes the data simply does not find and recover because it has already been overwritten. But it’s always worth trying.


If the data on the memory card was deleted, we have a fairly high chance of recovery. However, if the data is on the internal memory such as iPone, the procedure is rather laborious and we do not have the permissions (Root). In both cases, however, we must assume that the success rate is definitely not 100% and especially if we use the device after deletion of the set, the chances are significantly reduced. In that case, iPhone data recovery service is most recommended.

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