Online ‘Recharge’ is the New Facilitator for a Better Life

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Online ‘Recharge’ is the New Facilitator for a Better Life

The word ‘recharge’ was originally associated with batteries or cells. All rechargeable batteries that are used with different electronic and non-electronic products can be recharged which means that by connecting them to a source of electric current, the charges can be restored within the battery. The word means to restore and has been extensively used in the context of refilling batteries with electrical energy. The method of doing so is to connect the battery, or the battery operated the device to a power supply point. It is also used to describe a situation where a man is drained of all his energies and needs to reenergize himself by taking rest or going out on holiday etc. With online and internet craze, the word recharge found a more significant and broader usage.

As customers, we use the services of different companies or service providers to go through our daily course of life. We use water for drinking, washing clothes, bathing, cleaning utensils, watering plants, etc. We use electricity to run kitchen appliances and other household devices. We use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to cook. We pay the fees for schools and educational institutes to get our family educated and knowledgeable. We need to pay a monthly rental and usage fee for using landline phones in our homes and offices. Similarly, we need to pay the bills for using the data-card or broadband services to access the internet from electronic devices like the computer or the laptop. We need to pay the cable operator to recharge the monthly rental for being able to watch our favorite TV channels and shows. Paying the monthly, quarterly or the monthly insurance installment promptly is also equally important. And who can avoid paying the monthly EMI against loans taken from banks and other lending organizations? And supposing you have your own business or you are involved in a work that requires you to pay regular municipal taxes, then you would need to visit the municipal corporation office every month or so to submit the payment. Also if you are a resident or a regular visitor too few of the metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Bangalore where it is mandatory to pay toll taxes for using, say for example, the Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link or other such utility then you would need to take time out and stand in long queues to do the same. Then there are the others who have jumped signals or were driving without a license and are required to procure the necessary traffic challan so that the traffic policeman can let them travel by road.

Most of these services are essential for people to survive and earn their livelihood. Some are facilitators to a better standard of living. But is there a way to avoid the rush and the queues? There certainly is. You can now perform most of the above tasks especially the ones related to recharge and payment of bills online via accessing internet.

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