The 7 Best Automatic Pet Eaters for Dogs and Cats

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The 7 Best Automatic Pet Eaters for Dogs and Cats

It has happened to all of us that we do not have how to control the portions we give our pets because we are traveling or at work. For those moments, we recommend buying the best automatic pet feeder. With this convenient tool you can avoid overweight caused by leaving too much food to your little friends during the day.

In turn, you will not have to ask favors from your friends or hire someone to take care and keep your furry friend well fed while you are not. With these feeders you have an affordable solution to that problem, but you can also greatly improve the eating habits of your dogs or cats, avoiding obesity and overweight, diseases of the heart, liver, bones and more.

We invite you to continue reading this article that we prepare for you, so you can have healthier and better fed pets for a low price.

What is the best automatic pet eater?

Since you always want the best for your pets, we know that you are already looking for the best automatic dining room to eat healthier and at the right times. However, we also know that choosing between such a variety of products can be overwhelming and quite complicated.

That is why we have prepared the following comparative list with the best 7 in the market. Keep in mind that we chose them based on their excellent features and features, the good price and the good opinions of their users.

WOPET A36 Pet Feeder

It treats of the automatic dining room for pets programmable more looked for by the users. This model has an elongated design and a capacity for many portions.

The Le Bistro dispenser has a large LCD screen and a built-in volume counter, which makes meal planning for your furry friends easier and more effective.

At the same time, the lid is turn-lock, which keeps food fresh and safe, out of the reach of your skilled pets. Also, the hopper is removable and washable in the dishwasher, so it offers improved comfort.

It is a fully programmable device, so you can place exactly the weight of the rations and the time at which you want the food released.

Automatic dining PetSafe PFD19-15521


This food dispenser has a compartment with a capacity for 5,678 ml of food, which translates into about 24 cups that can be programmed in different portions throughout the day.

With this programmable model you can also configure the hours and quantities between 29 and 946 ml to adapt to the specific needs of your pet.

In turn, the food compartment is large enough to have fewer recharges, is translucent to see how much food is left and can contain dry or semi-hydrated foods.

Finally, it has a blocking lid that keeps food protected and in good condition. This model may be one of the least expensive, but it is one of very good quality.

SureFeed feeder

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of microchip dispensers, you can use this model that is activated when the indicated pet is near.

It also has a training function that helps your little friends get used to the automatic dining system more quickly and can help control the entry of food.

In turn, this feeder comes with hermetic storage, which helps the food is kept in good condition for longer and your pet does not access it at the wrong time or eat more.

It also has a bowl, double bowl and a silicone mat and is suitable for balanced feeding but also to give food to your dog or cat.


It is a very easy to use food dispenser and includes an excellent feature for the pet to feel calm and feel your presence at all times, which is a voice recorder and player.

With it you can leave recorded messages so that your animals feel your voice during the day. In turn, you can dispense between 1 and 10 servings of 24 ml per dry meal with 4 distribution alarms.

It has a blue LCD screen with display and good quality clock to adjust the portions correctly. In addition, it has power by outlet, but also battery backup.

This model is recommended if you have a maximum of 3 cats and if your dogs weigh less than 54 kg. It has a good sized hopper and is recommended for its good price for what it offers.

WOPET LY-92 2Meals

If you are looking for the least expensive model in the market, this automatic feeder of good quality with two compartments of 300 ml each may be just what you were looking for.

In them you can store dry and canned food, as it comes with two cold storage tanks that you simply place under each compartment to keep them in good condition.

At the same time, it comes with two separate timers for each cup, so that each one opens and releases the food at different times. It also comes with non-slip rubber feet for stability.

This model of the WOPET Style brand is very easy to handle and, although it has very simple functions, it is quite convenient and practical to have healthy and happy pets.


This programmable automatic feeder allows you to adjust 4 hours of different power per day and has enough battery to run for 6 consecutive days without interruptions.

It has an LCD screen with clock and battery indicator to make everything easier and give you greater security that your pet will be well fed for several days.

Note that it has 6 separate feeding trays, each with capacity for 330 ml of dry or wet food for cats and dogs, so it has excellent capacity and versatility.

Finally, it offers the option of recording an eight-second voice message to call the pet to eat, it is made of resistant plastic and has security clips that prevent it from eating more than what is established.

WOPE F03 Automatic Dog Feeder

It is an excellent electronic food dispenser with a voice reminder and programmable timer, with which you can set up to 4 meals of 5 to 195 grams of weight at one time.

Remember that it has a total capacity of 3 liters of dry food, so it is a good option for medium or small pets. Your battery can last all day and give all 6 meals thanks to its low energy use

This model of good quality also has a 10-second voice recording to warn your animals that it is time to eat 4 times a day that allows you to adjust the device.

It is a device offered by WOPET that will also keep you happy, as it comes with an LCD screen with many options so you can configure meals with ease.

What is an automatic pet eater?

Automatic eaters are designed to dispense specific portions of dog or cat food at certain times, so they ensure that your furry friend will be well fed on time.

In addition, it has a great advantage for pet owners, as it takes care of feeding them while you are traveling. In fact, they are programmable to give meals whenever you want.

In turn, they help you control the amount of food, since it will only dispense specific amounts of food. This way you will not have to worry about your animals being overweight if they tend to eat too much.

Another advantage is that it helps you adhere to a schedule, since animals get used to a routine. Remember that your furry friends should follow them, even if your work schedules are complicated and you are very busy. With a good food dispenser you make sure your animals feed when they touch them.

How do automatic pet eaters work?

Many dogs have to be fed at different times during the day. In fact, it is not appropriate for our pets to eat large portions once or twice a day, but they should eat smaller and controlled quantities several times a day. In turn, many puppies are trained from small to eat well.

The automatic food dispensers work by placing the time on the internal timer of the appliance, without the need to use a separate clock or smartphone. Meanwhile, the food is stored in a sealed container so that it does not get damaged, until the time you decided and the device releases the amount you also set.

There are several types of these programmable devices for each type of pet, including various colors, sizes, additional functions and prices.

What you should look for in a good automatic pet eater

Before buying one of these convenient devices that make your life easier, we recommend that you take into consideration the aspects that we will detail below. If you make sure you take them all into account, you’ll be sure to have a model that fits your specific needs and those of your furry friend.

  • Multi-day models:these are available for cats and smaller dogs. The disadvantage is that they do not usually sell them for bigger canines because they do not have the necessary capacity for several large portions. If it is for medium or small animals, they are really useful. And more if they are for cats.
  • Health and nutrition:statistics suggest that 54% of pets in the United States are obese or overweight. In fact, many people let their animals eat whenever they want, and this can cause obesity, osteoporosis, liver disease and more. The good thing is that with one of these devices you can avoid those diseases and more, since they allow you to control the intake of food, the health and energy of your pets.
  • Convenience:these are products that can greatly ease your work, because now you will not need to be constantly present and pending to give small portions of food to your pets, but the dispenser will do everything for you and at the right times. In turn, they can be programmable to be activated only with your pet’s microchip. So each of your furry friends will have their right rations.
  • Battery:Make sure that the model has a backup battery to keep it operational, even if the main power source is not available. In turn, check that battery constantly. Even, there are models that work by gravity and are not electric.
  • Easy to configure:these devices are easy to use, the only thing is that some pets take some time to adjust to this new system. Anyway, it is an affordable way to have them well taken care of without having to hire someone or ask favors from your friends while you work or go on a trip.
  • Consider if your pet can control their eating habits:some models work with gravity, releasing food every time the animal eats from the bowl below. This model is best for cats who eat snacks during the day, but for dogs that eat too much we recommend programmable dispensers.
  • Avoid models too light or too heavy:hungry pets can knock down one of these devices easily, breaking it and making a real disaster that you do not want to clean. It also avoids a model in which your furry friend can access with his legs, since he could get more food than he has to or get hurt if the model is electric.
  • Noise:some of these devices can be noisy, so scare small or shy pets. If you can take a model, try it at home and return it if your friend does not like it, we recommend that you do it first.
  • Power Intervals:Some models come with predetermined feeding schedules, so be sure to buy a programmable one that you can modify to adjust it to your animal’s schedule.
  • Ease of cleaning:as always, with this type of products we recommend that you look for one with washable parts in the dishwasher, thus saving you all the trouble of having to wash it by hand.
  • Dispensers:look for a model with dispensers suitable for dry or wet food, depending on what your pet needs. Thus, they may have some system to keep food cold or to give bites of the correct sizes.
  • Number of compartments for food:make sure that the model you choose has enough compartments so that your pet can enjoy all the portions you need.
  • Number of pets in your home: youmay need separate automatic eateries for each of your animals in case they are competitive at mealtime.
  • Consider the size and strength of your pet:if your furry friend is strong and intelligent, look for a model that is difficult to circumvent, so that he will not be able to fold the covers or access food outside the hours and amounts established by you.
  • Check if the feeder is appropriate for dogs and / or cats:some models are appropriate specifically for one of these animals and, although they may work for the other, remember that both have very different bodies and needs.


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