The Benefits of Maintenance Software in Education

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The Benefits of Maintenance Software in Education


The origin of Maintenance Software for Education has changed frustrated educational management groups into happy dreamers who never thought to manage an educational institute from a console so easy.  Not only are small to large educational institutions able to save time and money, but have been able to complete work in seconds that would have taken days to collect data and certify thru human resources. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) One of the significant advantages of CMMS is saving time and money.

CMMS is the ability to have all of the facilities and assets of your educational physical plant. CMMS for Education works under one console and allows implementation of multiple daily operations throughout the university at the fingertips of one designated manager. CMMS for Education can be open-ended, with multiple administrators or closed with only designated management entrance.  With a CMMS for Education brings about the harmonious and integral assets of the entire physical plant. The University of Florida, housing 60K students over 1 1,500 acre campus, implemented CMMS to make more efficient the many new students it receives each year, coming on campus from its many entry points. When critical information is needed to make timely decisions, either during the scheduled academic year or during times of interim,  CMMS for Education provides the entire physical plant with the benefits are necessary to make the University run at a maximum efficiency thru all of its facilities.

CMMS For Education

  CCMS For Education makes it easy for the Educational Administrator to check the fleet and custodial management within the same browser without having to drive from one facility to another. Things like room inspections in dormitories can be run seamlessly with the general inspection of fraternity or sorority housing within the physical plant’ domain. 

Scheduling of Events

CMMS for  Education now makes it possible to schedule events and immediately have all the respective recipients receive a copy, which is critical for determining events on campus in and throughout the year. Besides being able to check on the entire physical plant CMMS for Education allows just as much ease with all work orders, whether it be from the University Book Store, student housing, registration of students at any time during the year, which is information all important for a day-to-day run university. Every kind of management can be run within the CMMS for Education: work Order, preventative maintenance, request management, contracts with every vendor associated with the university.   Educational administrators show great satisfaction and are praising the CMMS system.

Every aspect of CMMS for Education allows the University to make a better decision for its many activities and assets throughout the year. Lastly, when critical but shared information needs dissemination CMMS for Education can become an open system between campus administrators and the Board of Directors. Whether an administrator is working on a budget for the following year, a maintenance update on a new addition to the university, or the growth of the university in the last quarter or semester, CMMS for Education makes all of this data possible under one console.
Many companies, like MicroMain and others, offer free demos or information. CMMS Education Services have helped thousands of schools keep and manage their physical plants for optimum efficiency.


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