The Best Trends in SEO Writing to Have Before Year End

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The Best Trends in SEO Writing to Have Before Year End

Today, almost all businesses use the internet to market and promote their products and services. If you are in this category, then you’ve probably already heard of SEO writing. If not, then you and your business are missing out on a lot in terms of SEO ranking in the internet search engines. SEO trends and strategies change every couple of years. Some stay as they are, others are modified, while others become redundant. So, if you created amazing medical SEO content some years back, then you ought to have reviewed and revised it to concur with the updated SEO trends.

SEO might seem simple and easy to utilize at the moment you are using it. But if you don’t pay attention to its continually evolving nature and trends, you’ll pretty much be left behind. It is essential that you have a good understanding and knowledge base of the new SEO ranking schemes.

As expected, 2018 is no different either. If you have done your homework on SEO this year, you should have noticed new SEO trends come to light. You can use these new trends in your organization’s website to make your content achieve higher results in the search engines. This is, so far, the only way you can have an edge over your competitors.

Check out this year’s best SEO trends

  • Link-worthy, useful content

Engagement with your users and potential clients has played a vital part in achieving overall SEO success. Start creating link-worthy and user-driven content on your websites if you want to stand any chance in keeping up with the competition. As always, ‘Content is King.’ You must create and deliver content that is relevant to your users. Your content has to provide relevant information to your prospects. If it’s medical SEO content, then it should strictly talk about that. Schema is also another area that is still a focal point that you must not neglect when creating content. Schema will help your content achieve measurable results in the organic search online. There is no other way around it.

Also, remember that content goes hand-in-hand with SEO. None of the two is more important than the other. So, you need both to stand any chance of ranking better in the search engines. A couple of years back, content might not have held much substance. But today, the more relevant and informative your content is, the higher the chances of your website ranking higher in the search engines. So, make sure that besides following SEO trends, you also have something substantial, informative, and educative on your site.

  • Searcher intent

Search engines focus on matching the search results to unique intent searches of their searchers’ query. In other words, you need to be able, so internet users who search for related content can easily find your website.

Searcher intent will significantly impact your SEO work. So, you must pay close attention to your keywords especially. You must also not forget about the other critical traditional ranking factors that direct the users to your website. You need to know your searchers’ intent and make it a priority when creating content. Remember, what you may perceive to be simple and straightforward may not be as such to your searchers. If anything, if you do not use the right target keywords, then your target audience won’t be able to find your work. Often, you find that some online users don’t even know what they are searching for. It is, therefore, upon you to make your searchers’ work easier by learning and predicting their intent. And then using it to get them to find and access your website.

  • Video SEO

Be it medical SEO or engineering or even business. Videos are increasingly garnering more customer internet traffic. In fact, a study by Cisco has predicted that by 2021, videos will account for well over 82% of customer internet traffic. All the reason you need to start having some video content on your websites. And not just any videos. You need to have video content that is relevant to your message.

It is evident that in the next few years, we should see video content surpass all other forms of content by far. Start taking advantage of the video content websites like YouTube which is currently the second largest search engine. Use the opportunity you have now to make and prepare your business and brand for the video content era. The prospects of creating optimized video content are what every expert SEO writer is talking about. Don’t get left behind.

  • SEO-rich, long-form content

Another trend that has gained more strength this year is the use of more long-form content. Today, you find that content that runs for 1,500 words and more are performing a lot better in the search engine rankings. Not to mention, they are also drawing more organic traffic compared to the shorter pages.

Studies reveal that online users stay on the long-run form contents and pages for longer. These long-form content also receive more backlinks and social shares than the shorter pages. However, you need to focus on high-quality and evergreen topics when writing to keep your website top of the competition. Otherwise, you will only be chasing after everyone else. And then, you will find it even more difficult to catch up.

  • Mobile Renaissance

Yes! If you haven’t thought about checking and optimizing your website for mobile devices, then you are seriously lagging. Today, over 70% of all internet users access the internet using their mobile phones. And expect this percentage to rise even higher in the near future. This should be every reason for you to optimize your website for mobile devices, and fast. The websites that already did this are already witnessing the benefits for doing so.

The change from desktop-based search engine index to mobile-based index is imminent. You, therefore, have to work hard and fast to make the necessary redesigns and alignments on your website to make it optimizable for mobile devices. Google also officially announced some time back that page ranking is now a ranking factor for the mobile results. Progressive web apps will also have greater support on iPhones which will ultimately impact the mobile design trends. Start optimizing your websites for mobile devices today if you haven’t already done so.

  • Voice search

Yes! Voice search is now a thing. And many users are using voice search now more than ever. Voice search will ultimately change how you create your website content. In the near future, most valuable content will have more of a conversational tone that works to answer users’ questions directly.

Very soon, the prospect of creating content around specific keyword buckets will no longer exist. As mentioned earlier, the whole purpose of writing is so you can create content for your searchers’ intent. Today, you already see many search engines interpret content that answer questions by the users. The intent here is to find the websites with content that contains information about topics that users search for. These are the websites that will win. Work out how you can get your website on top of this situation now when it is still in its early stages.

  • Secure links

Some years back, Google announced that the secured website certificates were also starting to impact website rankings. And today, you find that some browsers like Google Chrome have started flagging websites that do not begin with HTTPS as potentially being unsafe.

You can only imagine how things will look in the future. If you still run an unsecured website, then you need to work fast. It can actually affect the rankings of your content on the search engines. If you have nothing to fear, then why not go ahead and secure your website? After all, it only costs $39/year. It’s basically one of the easiest and least expensive ways to boost your SEO ranking this year and future.

Battle of the snippets

This year, perhaps the most significant change in SEO trends is the Google SERP features being expanded. In addition to achieving the page one, top three rankings in the search engines, you also need to have your clients and users be featured with the expanded schema usage. Not only this but the varied featured snippets as well. Get your website in order and get with the current trend. Lest you be left behind when other people are soaring forward.

  • The power of social media

Okay, this one may not be as much of news to many SEO writers today. However, that still doesn’t make it any less important. Social media is currently the number one advertising network on the internet that you can use to market, promote, or advertise your products or services. Search engines are increasingly prioritizing content engagement across platforms, retweets, making likes, shares and social media clicks than ever before.

If you do not already have a solid backup plan for your social media advertising, marketing, or promotion, then better get to it. Also, be smart in how you amass social media social media fans. You can always use the many social media ‘influencers’ that are in the millions. You only need to have a good social media influencer to share using your products or services and just like that, you will have people clicking, viewing, liking, retweeting your content in no time. News that every website owner wants to hear from this year going forward.

  • Site speed

Site speed is now also a ranking factor in the search engines. So, you now have to work to get your websites to load faster if you intend for your content to make it to the top spot. Over the years, there have been numerous hints leading to this SEO ranking trend. But it is now a reality.

Internet users want results from their searches. And they want these results fast. After all, what is the use of having 4G internet with 5G coming out soon if the websites you visit take ages to load? What’s the use of all that speed then?

Site speed is also a crucial factor when it comes to getting higher conversion rates. So, make sure you invest in making your website load faster from this year going forward. A quick tip, if you use images in your websites, which you probably do, then you need to optimize them for faster load speeds.

  • The proliferation of smart devices

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate. And with that, so does everything else. It is essential that you keep up with the changes that technology has on your websites as well. Think of the proliferation of smart devices such as Google Home, Apple Home Pod, and Alexa. Then think of the smart assistants that are on just about every smart device nowadays such as Siri and Google App.

These technological evolutions have made it possible for there to be more natural language search. Not to mention voice input as well that is already a thing and is ongoing. This is another brilliant way that you can set your website up for increased SEO ranking ad success. Take advantage of the voice-driven search world and optimize your websites to accommodate such searches as well.

Final thoughts

The world of SEO is ever-changing. So, for you to stand any chance of keeping up with, and possibly beating your competitors for the throne, you must change with it. If your content revolves on medical SEO, then make sure you utilize all the SEO trends at your disposal to get your content out there and ranking. There isn’t any time to rest. Always be on the look-out for new SEO trends that can improve your SEO rankings and use them appropriately. It’s not just a matter of creating good content and publishing it. That is just a small portion of the work. Make sure you address all these new SEO trends knowing that next year, other new trends may popup. Best of luck in your future SEO writing endeavors.

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