The Latest Advancements in Thermal Camera Technology

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The Latest Advancements in Thermal Camera Technology

Technologies are evolving at such a fast pace that there’s a new technology introduced even before people can actually familiarize with the existing one. At the introduction stage, many technologies cost high, but once people adapt to it and it goes for mass production, the price starts coming down drastically. The subsequent models become better and economical.

The same has happened with thermal cameras. Earlier, they were bulky, expensive, and were extensively used for watching the military bases. But, as there were advancements in technology and the industry realized its benefits, they started finding a wider acceptance. The wider adoption is often accompanied by a lower cost.

The latest advancements in thermal camera technology led to them coming out of their original domain of military applications. Now, they are finding use in many civilian and industrial applications. Technology has evolved from the motto of changing lives to saving lives. The latest advancements in thermal sensors and cameras are useful for the firefighters as they can interpret a fire scene completely from a safer distance.

The advancements in good security cameras with regular security updates have also made it difficult for the malicious people to compromise on their working by introducing malware.

Advancements for Use in Spectrum Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

Today, the camera manufacturers are using it in bi-spectrum pan/tilt/zoom cameras. As the name suggests, bi-spectrum is a two-in-one camera. So, the thermal side is used for detection of the target and then the visible camera is zoomed on the target to get intense and minute details. As two cameras are bundled into one, it saves the time and energy required to install the second mount and not to forget the second network cable, IP address, power drop etc. The net result of these cameras is a detailed colored image.

Advancements for Use in industries

For the industry, the advancement of thermal imaging has multiple benefits. They can give valuable information when it comes to electrical equipment. Without risking human life, any problems in fuses, cables, connections, high voltage equipment like power lines, transformers etc. can be found using thermal imaging. The biggest advantage of this is that any anomaly can be detected earlier during the maintenance check before the real problem or incident actually happens. This saves a lot of resources in the form of time and money as they can then be repaired in time without the breakdown happening.

The thermal camera technology is still evolving with each passing day and in the future, we will see many more applications.


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