The New Displaying System with Installation of Video Wall Technology

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The New Displaying System with Installation of Video Wall Technology

Video wall display has been very beneficial in these days. Because of its high resolution and lifelike picturesque screening it has been in a lot of demand. These are basically used in offices, universities, auditorium, airports, hospitals, conference rooms and many other places. The two mains parts of the systems without which it is incomplete are-

  • Video controllers which are PC based
  • Custom or standard systems of mounding

Different kinds of controllers and video monitors are available which are used for different purposes. Installation of video systems on walls can be categorized. Therefore here are the different types of installation systems.

Kinds of video wall display

  • Projections based seamless displays

These systems are more efficient and less costly than the cube based video walls. They are lesser known than the other video systems. Multiple projectors are installed for a bigger screen picture outlook. The technology is 100% seamless because the geometric correction and edge blending process. Single screen advantage, color collaborations advantage as well as used of multiple or few curved screens are also possible for a complete system.

  • Panel based video walls

These are also less famous than the seamless video walls. Other than television screens, it provides screen panels with thinner and slim boundaries which are known as bezels. This type of system is cost effective but is lesser in demand because of its certain disadvantages like issues relating to color collaboration and it does not perform all day long because its system is not approved for that.

  • Cube based video walls

These are market leaders. They have projectors in front and panels at the back. They together give a perfect and an excellent outlook. It has a very smooth performance. The only drawback is its expensive cost.

Thus different systems are used as needed and according to the place it has to be used in.

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