The Right Way to Permanently Erase Data Before Selling PC/ Hard Drive

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The Right Way to Permanently Erase Data Before Selling PC/ Hard Drive

Often, you plan to sell your old PC or hard drive, but the biggest risk you face is uncertainty of data leakage. No matter you delete your data or empty the recycle bin or even format your hard drive, but even then your personal data can be stolen by other people. You have thousands of free data recovery software accessible which can easily recover the formatted or delete data for you from your old PC or hard drive. So, if you do not permanently destroy the data of your PC before selling, then it is vulnerable to get into the hands of anyone. But how to permanently erase data before selling a PC or hard driveHow to make your data get completely lost forever?

Well, the answer is simple here. All you need do is use data erasure tool for permanently deleting data before selling your device. Mostly the deleted or formatted files are restored because the data is still accessible on the hard drive in the disk space before it gets overwritten by the other files. But, DoYourDataEraser is your one stop data erasure tool. It helps you to delete all the sensitive and important data from your device and overwrite the disk space of the erased files and folders to avoid any kind of data retrieval. Once you erase the files and data with the Do Your Data Eraser, your data will be gone forever and you can retrace it anytime.

Some of the benefits of this software are mentioned below:

  1. It permanently wipes out private data before you sell your PC or hard drive.
  2. It makes data retrieval 100% impossible.
  3. It doesn’t cause any physical damage to the device.
  4. It is very simple to use.

Data erasure tools help you to safely delete all your data before you make plans of selling your PC. It works in complete compatibility with all versions of Windows as well as Mac Operation system. No matter what Operating System you have, just run the program and it will serve its purpose well.

The erasure tool basically renders three modes to wipe out the data before you do anything with the device.

Mode 1: It deletes the files and folders permanently from the device. You can select and erase the files from your PC as well as hard drive.

Mode 2: It deletes the complete hard drive memory. It destroys all the data and its history present in your hard drive. Thus, not only the data gets erased by also becomes irrecoverable.

Mode 3: It wipes out the free disk space too before you sell it. It deletes the formatted data or traceable or lost data and makes it non-existing on your hard drive.

You should permanently wipe out all the pictures, videos, emails, browsing history, documents and other important files before you plan to sell your PC. Do Your Data Eraser securely and easily helps you wipe out the data from any device you want. All you need do it download and run it.

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