Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing A New Laser Printer

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Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing A New Laser Printer

The costs of laser printers have been significantly reduced in recent years, making them easier to shop than ever before. For students and those who have just set up a new office or home, it means you can buy a massive print device for a little initial payment. For a busy business office, a laser printer is most appropriate. It provides the fastest speeds, the best texts print quality, and the most cost-effective prints on per page basis.

If you are on the market to purchase a laser-based multifunctional device or a brand-new printer, below are things to look out for before purchasing, ranging from features to the total cost of owning one.

  1. Color or monochrome

Your basic need is your first criteria, ask yourself what kind of documents you will print to know the type of printer that is best for you. If you want to only want to print, and also prints things like invoices or other monochrome documents, all you will require is a monochrome laser printer. Choose a color laser printer if you also need to regularly print color documents.

  1. Types of functions

If you want to scan documents, receive and send faxes, make copies, you need to look out for a multifunction laser printer that can carry out all these tasks. In addition, you can also review other types of features, such as printing through a USB stick (file compatibility can vary, so test for specifications), scan to USB drives and networking locations, and possibly the ability to scan and print through the use of cloud-based devices.

  1. Ease of use

You’re probably using a touch screen for your tablet, phone, or even a laptop. So, why not opt for a touchscreen printer? The touchscreen can ease navigation through the printer menu system, especially if it contains built-in applications access that requires users to enter their login information. Ease of use can include the speed at which you can access and load the paper tray and how to replace the toner cartridge.

  1. Noise emissions

Noise emissions can be difficult to evaluate unless you see the printer while in action, in an exhibition room or retailed in a low sound floor, but that’s something to be considered, especially when buying a large printer. Noise when the printer engine is turned on and flash through prints can be important. Some printer manufacturers like HP Ink at  indicate the level of noise (in decibels) for different models, which can guide you to knowing how loud the sound will be when you set it in the environment.

  1. Power consumption

The use of energy should also be considered. In particular, you should look for a deep sleep mode printer and evaluate how much power the printer uses during the printing job. Search for a model that is compatible with Energy Star.

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