What is the cause that branded short links work?

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What is the cause that branded short links work?

Shortened URLs works fine, but you also got to promote your brand. This is the solution a branded link brings; your shortened link will be taken to the next level and will build your brand fast.

Branded links are used by biggest brands in the world, such as New York Times (nyti.ms), Pepsi (pep.si), Virgin (virg.in), and YouTube (youtu.be). They made branded links as they know that branded links create maximum awareness and boost the marketing.

When you are using links in Twitter posts, shortening link can be helpful. When there is a branding link, audiences associate with the company through the links, content shared and information. For great benefits, you should use branding.

Some Statistics


More than 72% of marketers say that when the content is branded, it is more effective compared to an advertisement in a magazine. More than 69% believe that contents that are branded are superior to the PR and direct mail.

Customers feel the greatest influencer is the authenticity of content if they want to be loyal to a brand. You can use branded links to incorporate the name of your company and associate it by sharing quality content, and so automatically the loyalty of a consumer increases.

Brand recognition is increased by branded links and is the second most important driver for the loyalty towards the brand.

When the shortened links are used, they don’t reinforce awareness of the brand or even don’t leave a branded impression as the branded links can do on the audience.

Moreover, click through rate (CTR) gets increased by 35% or more by branded links.

A strong quality signal is conveyed when they are shared with branded links. Whenever content is valuable and authentic, the audience will also get the signal that the brand is also of value and authentic.

You can kill two birds with one stone using branded links. One is you can grain brand recognition when you use branded link, and the second is that you will grow your customer loyalty when the audience associates your brand with your content matters.

It is a clear sign that audiences like branded links more, and an increased CTR is its evidence.

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