What is warehouse management system? Here’s what businesses need to know!

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What is warehouse management system? Here’s what businesses need to know!

For the uninitiated, a warehouse management system or WMS is a software system, which supports, automates, and optimizes operations and tasks in a warehouse or distribution center. WMS can aid in tracking a number of common warehouse jobs, such as management of individual stock keeping units, usage of space, keeping a record of inflows and outflows, and managing man hours. Some like Meade Willis cloud based WMS have more features.

What are the benefits?

The whole purpose of a warehouse management system is to simplify things for the concerned business. The idea is to keep a track of everything, automate what’s possible, and reduce the workload on the managers, so that can focus on the critical aspects. The features of modern WMSs can be really varied and are usually customized and implemented as per the requirements of the concerned business. If used rightly, warehouse management system can help in reducing some of the common errors and mistakes that are likely to occur with manual management. Businesses can also improve their relationships with clients and suppliers, because data is always updated, and there won’t be many issues with inventory management and predictions. Some of the things that can be bettered include –

  • Arranging the inventory and keeping a track of inflows and outflows
  • Management of equipment and perishable resources
  • Management of shipping and transportation
  • Keeping check on employees and manhours

Finding a new system

Knowing the benefits is not enough, unless you have chosen the right warehouse management system for your company. Keep in mind that every business is unique, and the whole process of implementing the WMS should be really easy and effective, without hampering the current work. Your managers and relevant staff members should know what it takes to manage the system, because errors are still possible if the processes are not unknown. Of course, costing is an important aspect, especially for small businesses that have limited funds. Most of the better developers and B2B service providers will offer a demo for their respective warehouse management systems, which can be handy for comparing the choices. Don’t shy away from discussing your goals and compare the features based on what is required and what cannot be achieved. The idea is to automate and simplify management for warehouses, and that should be the sole purpose of selecting a warehouse management system.

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