Why Animated Commercials Overpower the Live Ads

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Why Animated Commercials Overpower the Live Ads

Past few years ago, live adverts were considered as the most powerful way to promote the business. But as soon as we are growing towards a better world, there are a lot of things which are changing. A big change is observed in the advertisements. Although different types of advertisements are there like newspaper, radio, live and animated. But the most renowned method is the animated advertisements. The major goal under any advertisement is to promote the product about which the ad is. Although the live ads and animated ads meet the basic goal behind this but the animated ads are being overpowering due to various reasons. Moreover, the animated ads are one of the reason which is responsible for gravitational attraction between the audience and business.

  • The first and foremost reason to prefer the animated ads to the live adverts is, the live adverts require the models or actors. First of all, it is quiet difficult to bear their tantrums. If you consider any popular actor or model, it would be hard to get the proper scheduling. The problem may get bigger if the actor is out of the country or fall ill. So rather than going through all these hardships, it is better to choose the option of animated ads.
  • If you are selecting any popular model or actor for the ad then they will charge you extra. Sometimes, if you want to shoot in the distant location then their manager can charge you as the extra fee for the distant location.
  • Some actors and models are very conscious about their name or fame. So they can say no to some things that are necessary for your brand’s promotion. They think that if their audience will not like anything they are advertising, their name or image will get distorted.
  • Some people think that an artist should not do certain things, which a normal human can do but do not forget that the artists are also human beings. They can also be part of some scandals or mishappening but if any artists suffers from this then the artist’s name and fame get distorted and the companies can not afford to loose their audience.
  • Most of the people find the live ads boring because they are watching such ads from past several years. They find the animated ads as the most interesting and more creative in comparison with the live ads. There are certain mobile phone ads, which are quiet interesting and having some of the live elements also.

So it is better to do the animated ads rather than doing the live ads. Moreover, the animated ads are very less costly as compared to the live ads. The cost is also in your own hands. For example, if you go to any third party, the third party will cost you extra. Therefore, a good animation agency can offer the best quality animated advertisements for the brand at the reasonable price.

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