Why you need to have the best smartphone security?

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Why you need to have the best smartphone security?

Millions of people use smartphones but only a small percentage out of these millions really take adequate smartphone security measures. To which segment do you belong? You will need to assess yourself and know where you stand. Why should smartphone security become such a crucial factor? What are the real risks and threats one faces while using a smartphone without adequate security? Let us explore these areas so that you are well-informed.

Smartphones are named so because they are used for many other purposes besides making phone calls which used to be the original purpose of mobile phones when they were invented. Today, things have changed drastically and it is unbelievable today what we could accomplish with this little pocket sized gadget that we hold in our palms.

Most of us use the device for browsing the web and the social media platforms. We interact with others in the social media platforms using our mobile phone. We exchange information and we share photos. All these are done at personal levels.

Today, mobile phones are used only for personal reasons but it is used very extensively for business purposes too. In both business and personal communications we use email applications and the emails we send out are not safe. Due to ignorance people think that they are safe when they install an antivirus software program. Yes of course it will protect your device from malicious viruses but it does not prevent the hackers from stealing your data. The emails you send for example leave your device go through number of intermediary servers. All these are doorways for the hackers to enter your device and rob the data. Number of encryption software tools were used such as Sky PGP but with PGP based security solutions what happens is that the email message or body is encrypted but it does not encrypt the email headers. This is certainly a drawback because these days the hackers are using far advanced hacking methods. Just by tracing the header information they will be able build the other details from various sources. You should not be leaving room for such risks.

Instead of using PGP protection if you consider using Skyecc then you will be able to overcome all the security issues. All the security gaps are sealed effectively by this system.

Besides the pitfall in the email encryption there are other issues too pertaining to smartphone security. You will need to have these issues too addressed. The encryption key with the other security services is generated by the service provider. This does not give you 100% privacy or security. The service provider can misuse the information or the access codes. They can sell your access codes to third parties and there are such unscrupulous companies in the industry.

If you use the world’s best smartphone security software, namely Sky ECC you will not have to worry about the access code risks because with this application, the encryption keys are randomly generated at your end.

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